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Over the weekend I have been creating a WordPress plugin which is currently awaiting evaluation before it can be added to the WordPress plugin directory.
Until then I have decided to make it available to all you lovely people.
You can download the plugin here…
Download WordPress Chatbot Plugin
You can upload the zip to your site, select the bot you wish it to talk to and have your own chatbot on your site.
The shortcode and parameters to use in your post and pages are as follows:

This will display a default chat window on your blog with a height of 300px and width of 600px, it will talk to the comedybot Carlos and will not show a link back to Program O

This will display a chat window on your blog with a height of 200px and width of 500px, it will talk to the chatbot Program O and will show a link back to Program O.
There is more information about the other bots you can connect to once you have installed the plugin. Just look under the Settings >> Elizaibots menu.
This is not an official Program O plugin as such, as that is a much bigger project and will take considerably more time. This simpler plugin just offers your readers the chance to talk to one of the bots that I run myself. Still a lot of fun and with a bit of hacking you can get it to connect to your own installation of Program O.
Just drop check out this forum post to find out how!
If you would like to see the plugin in action just look below….
I have added a Carlos shortcode to enable everyone to talk to the comedybot directly from this post…

clear conversation

Have Fun!

  • Diani Beach

    Sunny greetings from Diani beach! This so amazing! I love this. When do you think it will get approved? And what if I downloaded now and then it will get approved. Will then charge? How much please?