The Awkward Chatbot

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I recently came across this little chatbot. It a simple little bot who seems to excel in being vague and aversive. Check it out here

Here is a little snippet of our conversation.

You: who is alice

Chatbot: sooo

You: so what

Chatbot: ur random ;)

You: do you love me

Chatbot: ha …

You: do you know anything

Chatbot’s new status – duhhhhhhh

You: hello there

Chatbot: who is this?

You: my name is elizabeth

Chatbot: did you type something?

Chatbot: brb bathroom

You: k

Chatbot: jajaja – me laughing in spanish lol

If you have a funny conversation with awkward chatbot post it in the comments below. Or if you have any thoughts on how its been implemented share them below.

  • tom

    You: hi

    Chatbot: um
    You: are you there?

    Chatbot: I AM A HUGE IDIOT
    Chatbot: laksdf098as
    Chatbot: sorry ryan just grabbed my computer
    Chatbot: whats up
    You: i am

    Chatbot: okay…
    You: dying

    Chatbot’s new status – fml
    You: ok?

    Chatbot: not feeling 100%… soooo yeeeeahhhh…
    Chatbot: did you type something?
    You: i am dying!

    Chatbot: forget it
    You: how?

    Chatbot: ;(
    You: i am dead now

    Chatbot: hold on for a second sorry
    Chatbot: ok
    You: dead

    Chatbot: are u okay?
    You: no

    Chatbot: …
    You: i am dead

    Chatbot: sigh
    You: yes

    Chatbot: u there?
    You: not anymore

    Chatbot: sooo
    You: sooo, i passed away

    Chatbot: lol

  • Chloe Britton